Saturday, September 8, 2007

Exciting Baseball Game

So last week we went to a Springfield Cardinals baseball game. Ya know, before coming to Springfield, I was never really a baseball fan. But Dustin's family is and they keep track of the Cards. And it's almost illegal to live in Missouri and have the last name "Cardinal" and not be a Cardinals fan!

So at this game, not only did the Cardinals win. But Dustin also caught a fly ball, barehanded! It went behind home, bounced off the suites and landed right in Dustin's hand! Very exciting! I would share a picture of this cool event, but Dustin, being the nice guy that he is, gave the ball to a little boy that was sitting a couple seats away and was also in the running for that catch. sweet!

Also during that game, a couple guys behind us were visited by the cops and escorted out of the stadium for buying some underage kids some beer. Nice! Apparently, one of them had just gotten off parole. Too bad! Guess he's right back on!


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