Thursday, July 3, 2008

Borrow A Baby?

So Dustin and I have a new favorite TV show.
I'm not really into reality TV and I don't watch enough usually
to keep up with any show, but this one is pretty clever.
It's called "the Baby Borrowers."
Five young teenage couples who think they are ready
to be parents, will spend the next three weeks living together
for the first time in their own "borrowed" houses,
and taking care of "borrowed" children and elderly adults.
One teen maintains a full-time job, while the other stays home
to take care of the child. Meanwhile, the real parents are in their
own nearby house watching intently as these teens
frustratingly attempt to show the world that they are ready
to have children of their own.
We're into the second week and they have just finished Step One
of the experiment. We have seen fights between the couples,
a girl who absolutely refused to have anything to do with
the baby after she was approached by the mom,
selfish girls who do nothing but complain,
crying babies who need to be fed and changed,
teens calling home in tears and frustration...
The babies they were watching were just returned
to their parents and the "kids" were critiqued on how well they did.
Next they will be given toddlers to take care of.
I'm curious to see how that goes.
So the teens who thought they were ready,
are not quite as ready as they thought.
Turns out, taking care of babies is not easy! Wow! Who knew?!


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