Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Trails

This past weekend we went backpacking.
Yes, it was very very cold!!
We left Friday night after everyone got off work,
which meant we hiked
in and set up camp in the dark.
Here we are trying to figure out where we are and where we missed our turn.
It was a cold weekend, with very cold nights.
It was also opening weekend of deer season.
And we picked a very safe trail.
We all sported bright orange and yellow colors.
No one felt the need to feel the sting of a hunter's bullet.
There were many beautiful views along the way.
We peaked at about 1200 feet.
But we were up and down most of the walk.
He claims he was not hugging me, he was holding on for dear life!

Saturday night was especially cold.
I (Stacey) wore 7 shirts (long sleeve, sweatshirts, t-shirts...),
3 pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, a hat, gloves, handwarmers,
and I was stuffed inside a very warm mummy bag with
only my nose sticking out. I was still too cold to sleep!
Sunday morning, we woke up to frost on our sleeping bags inside
our tents and frozen water and gear.
The dogs had fun too. Though we wore them out.
Here they are very studiously watching their boys eat their lunch
and hoping they will drop just one little crumb of moose-goo or beef jerky for them to eat.

Cold, yes. Fun, definitely!


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