Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's going to be good.

So about this time every year I start to break down. I have just gotten through designing all of the Christmas and New Years ads for work. My mind is flustered with thoughts and ideas for the perfect gift for everyone. I go full-force into hiking through all of the frustrating holiday crowds. Christmas cards are usually at the printer, since I waited till the last minute to get them done....

I hear others talk about how this is their favorite season and I so wish I could agree. I love the snow and the lights and the trees and the decorations....but still, there's just too much stress and pressure. Why? This is supposed to be the time to enjoy life and people. Instead I find myself stressing out about where I'm going to be; who I'll get to see; what to get every aunt, cousin, friend and family member; what our Christmas card will look like;who to send it to; when I need to send out packages and how much it will cost to send them with express or priority shipping (since I was too busy stressing about everything else and missed the normal shipping time.)

So as of now, I have decided to slow down and enjoy this years' holiday season. I'm tired of trying to please everyone, and in turn, killing the holiday cheer for me. I'll get the best gifts I can find; design the best card I can; be where I can, when I can; sit back a little and even crack a smile maybe. It's going to be nice. I can tell.


maureen kuehne February 1, 2009 at 6:07 PM  

stace---learn this early and you'll enjoy all your seasonal holidays more. -who is keeping the "How to do Christmas" notebook anyway? mk

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