Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yes!!! I made it!!!

According to MSN, a very reliable source,
I have one of the top 10 sexiest careers!! Wahoo!!!
Here's what it says:
"You’re at a party. You spot someone across the room and you make your way toward each other. Things are going well, so after some small talk you ask, “What do you do for a living?” The answer you receive determines if you exchange phone numbers or say goodnight.
7. Artist
Why they’re sexy: The average artist is doing what makes him happy, not what will bring him fame or money — and that’s pretty sexy. How many occupations can you say that about?
Where you’ll find them: Everywhere. Painters, photographers, sculptors and other types of artists work in their own studios, in offices for ad agencies or on location for photo shoots.
Pros: They spend their days being creative and get paid for it.
Cons: The paying work that’s easiest to find is often boring and doesn’t allow artists to express themselves.

Here's the link for the full list.

Next time you see me
you can call me Sexy Stacey! :)

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